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The Zlín players in the first league were the only ones to win and the invincibility of the surprising leader of the competition will be defended in the weekend round 9 against Jablonec. The second Mladá Boleslav will be presented at the Dukla, while the third defendant of the title Pilsen will welcome the newcomer from Hradec Králové and the fourth Sparta will go to Brno.

Zlín has lost points only in two draws, on the other hand Jablonec is afraid, six he did not win the rounds and with 15 goals he has won with Pribram and Slovácko the worst defense in the competition.

“The team is currently in the move, we would like to extend our winning route.”Zlín from the first round shows that the way of his game is based on a solid defensive game and he is not going to be able to play the game. rapid counter-attacks. The boys against Boleslav proved that when they play responsibly, they are able to scam the teams that are on the top of the league table, “said Jablonec coach Zdenko Frťal.

The second is Mladá Boleslav, because she did not win any more than five rounds, also won four times. “We want to keep in touch with the league table’s spike, and we need to score in every championship game and win the home game.Against Dukla we can not go with another goal, “said coach Leos Kalvoda.

However, Dukla, who has not played in three matches under the new coach Jaroslav Hynek, has also given the same two after four goals.

Pilsen, who loses just the same point as Mladá Boleslav on the first Zlín, has won a free match with Austria Vienna in the European League, but in the highest competition won four last duels. After the match with Austria, we did not sleep much because we were leaving home early in the morning, “said coach Roman Pivarnik. ” But that’s no excuse.We have to recover the best and prepare for Sunday to match the game with Hradec, and then we will have a representative break to relax. “

However, Hradec thinks of the game in the West of Bohemia points. “He won Zlín, draws Bohemik there, so we will not even go there with a defeating mood,” said coach Bohuslav Pilny. “They will be on the Cup and it is not easy for anybody. They have to switch back to the level of our league, they have shorter preparations, we have to use it, “he added.

About five points Sparta will fight against the Zbrojovka encouraged by a 3: 1 win over Intera Milan in the European league.An unexpected result was led by former assistant and coach David Holoubek, who replaced the appealed Zdeněk Ščasný on Monday and first tested the role of adult coach. , that the game’s upheaval will hold him on the Zbrojovka course. “We are going to win in Brno, and when we show the performance against Inter, I’m not afraid we will not be there,” Holoubek said.

The last Liberec deputy Liberec is waiting for a match in Teplice. Slovan missed the previous round due to the epidemic in cadre and quarantine and on Thursday in the European League defeated 1: 2 PAOK Thessaloniki.Stínadle will see a duel of troubled units because Liberec won only one of the last eight rounds, the last two lost and is just above the descent. The home is similar – they have won only seven games and have lost the last two games.

“Of course we want to improve the situation in the table and we need to win, it is clear. and I’m afraid that some of the PAOK performance will not return temperatures, “said coach Jindřich Trpišovský, who could be the last match with Liberec because Sparta is interested in him.

Pilsen striker Tomas Poznar had mixed feelings after a draw 0: 0 with Austria’s Vienna. The outside point of the second league of the European League group was considered to be a plus, but on the other hand it was recognized that football players including Victoria could play better.

“A bit of mixed feelings, mainly because we are in some passages a little bit out of the game, even if we were playing them somewhere, sometimes we were complicated, there were cheap losses, they had dangerous standards, but our defense worked well, “Poznar told reporters after Thursday’s game.

In the base line, he joined Marcus Bakos, but none of the visiting invaders was very successful. “In the first half it was bad from us.In the second half we were holding a balloon, there were chances when we could make a profit from it, but we made the end of the game unnecessarily complicated. They had a lot of standards, “said a 28-year-old striker.

” We take a point from outside, but we want to be better. When I evaluate myself, I am sorry for some losses and I have to avoid being more profitable for the team, “Poznar added.

On the course, he played battles with Czech defender Patrizia Stronati, who he took up the first competition of the season. “I know him from Baník, he is a force player. But we can see that he is not yet open, we could have picked him up a couple of times. He had a few such situations when he was afraid to play, but he gave decent performance.We had more defenses to defend the defense, “Poznar said.

Pilsen also tied in the second round and in group E he lost two points to AS Roma and the Vienna team. ” If we were here losing, it would be harder because Austria would rebound a lot. But we have them for points, for us it is a plus point to the table, “said the high forvard.

After August’s arrival from Zlin, Viktori is still studying. ” Let’s say, that the European matches are about something other than I thought. It’s a football of great players, it’s very fast and I get used to it gradually. From the beginning, I had a bit of a problem, then I got into the game more, “Poznar admitted.

” The biggest difference is that you do not have much time.A particularly strong and forceful team like Austria, which immediately challenges you. Stops and midfielders were very strong in the duels, so we felt it, I got a couple of scars, but good, “added Zlínský odchovec.

Bet365A törött kormánycsúszda az ausztrál Rohan Dennis az ezüstérmet az útkerékpár időmérés során egy nedves és áruló napon a Rio Olimpián. Dennis másodperc volt a félúton a robusztus 54,5 km-es tengerparti pályán, amikor kénytelen volt bet365 alternatív link megállni és megváltoztatni a kerékpárokat, és 30 másodpercre felgyűlölte.David Squires-t…a 2016-os olimpiai versenyek kezdetén. Olvasson tovább

Egy óra alatt 13 perc 25 másodperc, 23 másodperccel a holland ezüstérmes Tom Dumoulin után.A svájci időmérő szakértője, Fabian Cancellara több mint egy perc volt egyértelműen, hogy döntő Bet365 aranyat követeljen, de Dennis filozófiai volt a költséges visszaesésről.

“Ezek a dolgok történnek – nem csalódhatok” – mondta. “Nézd, én még mindig büszke vagyok arra, hogy lovagoltam még a mechanikus és a kerékpárváltás után is.” Szerdán korábban az ausztrál Katrin Garfoot kilencedik volt a női időpróbán.

Az eső és a szeles szél kényszerítette az ausztrál férfi quadját, hogy várjon további 24 órát, hogy aranyat állítson fel aznapi visszavonult reggelen.A végső döntést csütörtökre áttervezték, Bet365 ahogyan a férfiak négyes elődöntője is.

Shooter James Willett volt kedvence az érmek megnyeréséhez, de elvesztette a dupla csapda bronzérmét és ötödik szomorú és szeles elődöntőben szerdán.

A férfi rugby hetes csapatát a negyedik döntőben visszavették a versenyből a dél-afrikai vereséggel a Deodoro Stadionban.Az ausztrálok korábban legyőzték Dél-Afrikát, hogy kiszabaduljanak a medencéjükből a pontkülönbségen, és elérjék az utolsó nyolcat, de a táblák a kétoldalon második napi találkozóján Bet365 fordultak elő és Ausztrália 22-5-re estek.

p> A Hockeyroos végül az első győzelmüket szerezte meg, 6-1-es bontásával Indiával, az utolsó a B-ből az első négy helyre, a negyedik döntőbe pedig lehetséges.

A világ No3 Hockeyroos a 6-1-es győzelmet indította az Egyesült Királyságban, hogy Bet365 elnyerte első győzelmét ezeken a Játékokon, és enyhítette a nyomást, miután elvesztette a nyitó medencejátékokat Nagy-Britanniának és az USA-nak. A vízilabda Ausztrália első győzelmét könyvelte el a férfiak a versenyt, a japán 8-6-at, hogy a negyedik döntőbe való előrelépést növeljék, a hat országbeli medence négy legjobb csapatával.

És Ausztrália legmagasabb rangú röplabda csapata megnyerte a kieséses a hollandiai küzdelem után háromszoros győzelem után.Louise Bawden és Taliqua Clancy legyőzték a hatodikbeli holland Bet365 ellenfeleiket 27-25, 18-21 és 16-14 között a Copacabana beach-i döntőkörben.

Phenomenon – such a nickname has earned one of the best strikers in the history of Brazilian Ronaldo. Technically and speedly equipped player with a deadly shooting instinct and excellent orientation in the penalty area scored 484 goals in 688 matches during his career despite frequent injuries. The double world champion, who has been declared the best player of the world three times, celebrates 22nd September.

“He was extremely fast, had a great shot and always managed to score decisive goals” Welcoming German Thomas Müller. “Ronaldo did things that nobody could have done before.Together with Romara and George Weahem, they have completely changed the concept of the mid-range game, “added another of his successors Frenchman Thierry Henry.

In Ronald’s rich collection of achievements, apart from two world championship titles and the same number of firsts in Copa América and Victory Cups with Barcelona, ​​the UEFA Cup with Milan Intera and Intercontinental Cup with Real Madrid, 1996, 1997 and 2002 he was voted the best player in the FIFA poll, twice won the Golden Ball for Europe’s best footballer. The native of Rio de Janeiro grew up in a poor environment of a deeply believing family, admiring Johan Cruyff and Zica dreamed of engaging in Flamengo, but at 16, he captured the 1970 World Champion of Mexico, Jairzinha, who brought him to Cruzeiro.A few months later, Ronaldo scored five goals in the league, shortly afterwards, he made a premiere.

He was in the 1994 US World Championship, but did not appear on the lawn and the triumph of his most famous colleagues watched only from the bench. After the tournament he bought him PSV Eindhoven, where he immediately acclimated and became the best shooter of the Dutch league. In the summer of 1996, Barcelona paid him a record $ 19.5 million, a year later as the best player of the planet moved for 27 million to Inter Milan.At the 1998 MS in France he shone, but before the finals against the home team he collapsed and after a mature performance he had to wait another four years for his second world championship title. Before the tournament in Japan and Korea, Ronald suffered various injuries, he returned to the pitch several weeks before the championship. Yet he has become the eighth goal of the best champion of the entire championship and has a lion share of the gold “Canaries”.

“Winning the World Cup is far better than sex. he plays only once every four years, while sex can still be held, “said Ronaldo’s fan of the women’s finals with Germany in which he scored both goals. After the championship he left for Real Madrid for 46 million euros , five years later he moved to AC Milan.It has already suffered for several times injured knees, which together with the reduced function of the thyroid gland and its associated overweight contributed to his return to Brazil in 2008. In the meantime at the 2006 World Cup in Germany surpassed the long record of German cannon Gerd Müller in the number of goals at the world championships. After less than three seasons in Corinthians Ronaldo’s colors ended in February 2011 due to persistent health problems.He scored 62 goals in the jersey, ranking him second in the legendary Pelé, with which he was often compared. After giving top football a good-bye, the three-time father of the four children founded the 9ine marketing company, continued to act as a UN envoy of goodwill and also played a bank robber in the film. Premier was one of the leaders of the MS in Brazil, after which a passionate poker player bought a minority stake in the team of the lower US Fort Lauderdale Strikers.

The most expensive player in the history of the Czech league, Václav Kadlec, was returning to Sparta for the first time in Zlín today in the list of shooters. With his equalizing goal, he helped a 1: 1 draw and a point gain that he considers to be a loss. “The team like Sparta is supposed to win the match in Zlín. “Kadlec told reporters after returning to Sparta at the start of September in Midtjylland, Denmark. Kadlec just missed the chance at the end of the first half when he walked around after solo and the goalkeeper Dostal. But his shot from the angle pointing to the goal but kicked back defending Matejov. “Unfortunately, I did not give a shot at the missile,” criticized the Spartan striker.It was a pity that we got it after the standard situation at the time of our greatest pressure when we had the game under control, “ > said Kadlec.

After changing the sides he adjusted his head. “I have the joy of the goal scored, I had one last chance at the end, at the last moment somebody was shooting and flying next,” Kadlec drew closer to the moment, which could also make Sparta a full point gain. “We have had enough time to make the match, but we did not push the ball into the Zlin network, maybe the draw is deserved,” admitted Kadlec.

Sparta also had a bad luck, three times hit the bar.For the first time in eight minutes, Lafat’s header bounced off the goal line. “It was not a goal, I saw it from close proximity, we missed a few millimeters,” admitted Kadlec.

Sparta is not at the moment in perfect condition. Draw in Mladá Boleslav, lost to Southampton European League (0: 3) and today only got a point in Zlin.

“This balance is not good, but today we could see improvement in our game. We have to concentrate on every match, no matter which opponent we will play, “Kadlec pointed out the starting point of the current Sparta misery. The first step, according to his words, should be the win in the next round in the derby with Slavi.

After years of work in Slavia, Martin Latka presented Eden unusually as an opponent. Liberec players even led to the 7th round of the first league as captain, but after the game he did not have much reason to enjoy. Slavic goal of Latka’s friend Milan Skoda lost 0: 1 and the table is only fourteen just two points above the descent bars.

“The feeling was strange, of course, playing here as a guest Bet365 player. from the beginning, focus mainly on our performance to show good football.Unfortunately, we lost, and especially during the first half we did not manage to play the game, “Latka told reporters.

Domestic supporters prepared a very warm welcome for the former captain Slavie, who headed to Liberec from Eden in summer several times during the match chanted his name. “The reception was beautiful, I would like to thank the fans for this. But now my feelings are not positive. “

Liberec was preparing mainly for the home canonist Škoda, who still scored the stick and then decided only one goal in the 60th minute. ” I had some little knowledge about Slavie, but I’ll keep it for myself. We knew that the greatest danger was threatened by Milan Skoda and it was confirmed.He gave us a goal, “ said Latka.

” These are individual mistakes that knock us off a few times. By standards, we’ve Unibet determined who’s supposed to watch the players. “We’ve had a lot of fun with Milan and we’ve been de facto together.”

here spent most of the time together with Jirka Bielka. We are great friends, so of course we greeted each other. Our fight was won by Milan, nothing else can be said when they won, “Latka said.

In the end, Liberecký stoper tried to help offset by moving forward.Twenty minutes before the end, he attempted a scissors at the goal below the “boiler”, but retired by the offsider. “Unfortunately, all the battles I did before I lost, no more power, and the scissors, I do not know where it was,” added the match against the former club. played Latek as captain. “Captain Pokorny is injured, our deputy Milan Baros has dropped out, so the election was Bet365 automatically dropped on Martin, and I decided it was because of what the game was played for, his approach and how he helped us and how ” said Liberec coach Jindřich Trpišovský.

The general partner of the first league wants to strive for greater transparency and fairness of Czech professional football. It seeks to make the League of Football League (LFA) and individual clubs funding and management more transparent, to fight corruption, to create a role for the ambassador of the fans, and to introduce a video in football or microphones for the referee. LFA welcomes the initiative.

“We also decided to support the highest football league because we want to actively contribute to greater transparency and professionalisation of Czech football.We feel responsible for football in the Czech Republic and therefore we have prepared specific proposals which we think will help us, “said Dušan Šenkypl, director of

He called for the establishment of a transparent LFA account and the Bet365 publication of the LFA’s and individual clubs ‘finances, it should be clear how much money the clubs receive from the marketing company STES, what are the revenues from marketing, merchandising and tickets, as well as the expense of players’ salaries, agent commissions or running stadiums. / p>

“Clubs will be able to compare the efficiency of their performance and fans will see real money flows in football.Last but not least, this step removes the currently very biased benchmarking of individual clubs’ budgets when comparing often totally incomparable items, “ is in the statement.

LFA already works at this point. we are currently preparing specific forms and ways of reporting individual clubs that will be discussed at the League Committee.We would like to present a comprehensive outlook to the public during this season, “LFA President Dušan Svoboda said.

Skylop also urges the establishment of a fan ambassador function to communicate with Unibet each of the supporters’ camps and thus contribute to limiting “” We are ready to cooperate in finding a financially viable technology solution, “ said the director with that that it is also for the introduction of microphones for referees and the subsequent publication of their communication.

“The introduction of the video into Czech football is one of our basic strategic goals that we want to implement as soon as possible.We would like to test online mode in friendly matches and offline mode in league matches during this season, “said Svoboda, who is also inclined towards the microphones. ” This is under the responsibility of the FAFA Referee Commission. We support this point and we think it’s a step in the right direction. “

” The goals of football fans, clubs and sponsors are the same. We all want to have the finest and finest competition. Therefore, the points we propose are in line with the LFA objectives. Without Bet365 their fulfillment, it would not be possible to support football for a long time and we believe we will soon see the results of our joint effort, “added Šenkypl.

In addition to Bayern, there is only one club that has a 100% gain in Germany after three rounds. Hertha BSC. For the third round of the German top competition, Eurosport commentator Michal Šima looks around.

Hertha did not hesitate in the third match at the start of the Bundesliga and scored the best league start in its history. The win against the team from Gelsenkirchen was not easy to breed, typically a draw match decided to gross errors of new reinforcements Schalke Stambouli and Bentaleb. In the fourth round, the Munich Allianz Arena and Bayern will play first in the table.

It is a rule that clubs from the capital are among the best on the football map of the country. In the Czech Republic Sparta is Slavií, elsewhere Real Madrid or Chelsea. Germany is the exception.Why?

Part of it is historical and political reasons. In 1963, when the Bundesliga was established, Germany was already divided into the western and eastern parts. Although Hertha in West Berlin was given the right to start at the highest competition as an expression of support from the union, she buried her chance two years later when she was expelled for bribery, which was not the only scandal. The club got a sticker that was hard to get rid of. In 1986 Hertha fell to the third league, she could not play at her stadium and was rather laughing.

Berlin has never been such a metropolis as other major cities. At the time of the divided Germany, Western companies were located, and with them their capital, elsewhere. Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart.There was the biggest money, and after the reunification of Germany, it did not change that much.

Hertha never had any rivalry in the past. No proper derby. With the Union or other geographically close clubs, due to split Berlin, the club was in a vacuum in its own way. The other Berlin and other East German clubs still have a stronger base.

Another reason is the stadium. Hertha plays at the Olympic stadium and is a question of whether she can feel at home where the Olympic sports celebration of Nazism took place. From a practical point of view, the stadium is too big for fans to fill it. In the future this may change, but earlier visits to the huge colossus have ceased.The crowd did not have much of a pitch, too good a reputation (in terms of fans’ speeches) and Ostkurve did not even have time.

The club did not even catch up with the Turkish community, which could have been a strong support. Yildiray Bastürk played at the club at his birthday, and he was born in Germany. 200,000 potential Turkish fans have never been used properly.

Hertha has not served as an example of youth work, but when she was raised, she sold it quickly, such as Jerome Boateng, now perhaps the best defender million euros to Hamburg.

However, the club has been changing through the past two seasons. Stay only with the current A-team. He holds together, while there are no superheated superheroes.Vedad Ibišević came before the Stuttgart season as a free player. Coach Pál Dárdai, one of the club’s most prominent players (he played 297 matches), managed to seal the game with a seal. Where there was only one effort two years ago, besides the exemplary approach of players, it is also their own style of play, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Equivalent goalkeeper Kraft Jarstein covers each other’s back. Physically well-equipped players such as Pekarík, Plattenhard, Weiser or Haraguchi, added the ambitious but honest Darid in the middle of the field. The game in the middle of a field that was below average two years ago is suddenly one of Hertha’s powerful weapons. Fast combination, mutual player representation.And above all, that exemplary approach.

In the match with Schalke, the team went away for an hour at the limit of their options without result. Even a player like Ibišević worked for the team, defended and ran without the ball as I had not seen before. Even with the captain’s tape on the sleeve. The saying “go lucky” is cliché, but it worked here. In 64 minutes, Slovak defender Pekarík defeated perhaps over forty meters behind the seemingly lost ball. But it was a decisive moment of the match, because he was playing the damn Stambouli and the decisive goal was in the world.

Hertha was not much better, but she was persistent, holding her game and receiving rewards.It is the hard work and success of a well-composed team that gives hope that Hertha can stay on top for the long term. She has dropped out of the Cup this season, but she will have more of her strength in home competitions. The next round on the Bayern field will show if it can give even the highest goals. When taking care of Ingolstadt for a balanced match in Munich, why would it be that the Old Lady did not even go there, perhaps with luck?

Although Czech defender Jakub Brabec did not defeat the defeat 0: 2 with Anderlecht Brussels in the opening premiere of Genk, after the Sunday match of the Belgian league he had only positive feedback on his performance. Thirty-four-year-old stoper believes he has a good fit in the new team and will keep his place in the base line.

“My performance must be appreciated by others, but I think I have stood well.Since the match has ended, I have only positive feedback, “said Brabec for the website of his agent Ondrej Chovance.” I’m just sorry for the result, but it’s just the beginning of the season and it will be important for us to get to top 4, because it is still playoff title, “ added.

The defeat with Anderlecht, who also wanted to get him from Sparta in the summer, regretted that Genk’s home was better. “The match was pretty wild and it’s a shame we did not change the chances. Instead, we collected from the standard when we left a free player on the back stick. Then came the first red one after the second yellow card, the second goal and the second red.The first goal of the match changed the picture and the other broke it, “Brabec evaluated.

He hoped to say about the opening eleven. ” The coach told me in the beginning that he wants me to look, acclimate. I’ve worked well in training, I’ve waited for two games that did not get us out of the game or the game, and the odds came. I’m so excited. I would like to keep the place in the report and help to play the highest rung, ” said Spartan pugilist.

The Belgian league is so excited. ” Everything is enough faster than we would, I would have liked the matches with those high-quality rivals to play against Sparta in the European League. There are many good footballers and the competition is of great quality.If anyone does not believe it, calmly come to me to come and convincing myself…For me personally it is another step forward, “Brabec pointed out.

” The players accepted me without problems , I am very happy here. Everybody speaks English, so I can negotiate without difficulty. I think I’m fine, “added Genk, whose team is ranked tenth in seven rounds of the Belgian league.

Slavia in Prague has called for a new coach after Dusan Uhrin, who is younger than eight, including Zdeněk Zeman. Jaroslav Tvrdík, the chairman of the board of directors, refused only Luboš Kozel, Jaroslav Šilhavý was the new coach.

“We started with the selection last Monday, and we contacted three Czech and four foreign trainers plus Zdeněk Zeman. “

” We have had five qualifiers, “said Tvrdík, a representative of the Chinese owner of the CEFC club, We are not in the situation that Jaroslav Šilhavý would have left us and it was a bit short.For all of us, we’re sorry we do not have team C and D to try them out. At the end we had a tangled head to choose from, “he added.

Šilhavý, who won the title with Liberec in the 2011/12 season, is considered the most suitable candidate. first and two third, moved from the European League group. He is a former fellow, captain of the team, a member of the Friendship Department. It’s our stitch, it’s got heart and deployment. This is where we see the biggest reserves of the team. Together, Tvrdík said.

Šilhavý brought Slavia to his long-time assistants Jiří Chytrý and Milan Veselý.The Tvrdík confirmed that Radoslav Látal, who returned to Polish Piasta Gliwice a few days ago, and also Zeman, who became famous in Italy, was also interested in the final form of the implementation team. “We very much appreciate the fact that he was interested in not negotiating with him, he wanted to leave a trace in the Czech Republic, unfortunately the negotiations ended because of force majeure, and I do not think that the negotiations ruined the lack of interest of one or the other. I can not tell the talk, “Tvrdík said.

None of the candidates claimed Slavia to be the coach of the representative Kozla eighteen. He was initially the main adept, but then leaked information to the media about the alleged pay terms of the contract, and the trainer’s engagement met.Slavia has accused the escape of the Football Association of the Czech Republic, but it refused.

“At the very beginning, he was one of the main favorites for this position. technical details, but then the information on the technical aspects of our negotiations was published and the coach quickly rethought it, “Tvrdík said.

” We are sorry that the leak did not come from the negotiating team. and why it has provided this information, I think it is fairly clear to all of us, but it is an experience.He was probably not a suitable coach for a club that works under pressure and has great expectations, “added Tvrdík.

Slavia figures up to tenth place with eight points, according to Tvrdík but the club does not change “” We have only four rounds to play, the cards are still being dealt, “ said.