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It has been solved many times and it needs to be resolved: Belgium is the best European team according to FIFA, but it does not behave at all. The chaos across the defensive line and the poorly packed advance eventually did not make Italy much trouble. Conte Italians have enchanted us. And a little earlier, a certain promise was made by the Irish, but also by the Czechs, who had long defied the Spaniards in an unusually deep block…

Before we go into the analysis of all three matches, let me recall the essence of one of the pillars This format of the Eurowindows: tables with three distinctive characters of each match.

Inside the right edge of the match, you will find the best player of the match according to the statistical server.The reason for using it is obviously: we consider the database to be the most complex and therefore usually the best to tell about real performance.

So then you do not have to go to the page yourself, we have just drawn the statistical boxes for you The soccer star’s symbolic star has probably been the biggest contributor.

We are now following our pure choice of heroes and renegades, and we have privately asked to never interfere with WhoScored and select as many as possible for you. P>

1) Maybe it may sound like a heretic thought , But Necid is obviously able to reap the contribution of the legendary John Koller and that’s what they need to build in the future.What I have noticed is that there is a relatively rare match about the performance of Necido yesterday: mostly his supporters and critics meet at the point where they admire hard work, fairly good strength and resilience in the air, but also a hostile balloon coverage, and vice versa In one breath, they will make clear technical limits, when in both the more daring transfers of the Necid game, their ambitious plan could not be realized at all.This, on the other hand, was also characteristic of Jan Koller, and if you still recall this tedious era just after his career ended, the trainers specifically in Tomas Pekhart tried to crawl at least one cell with a satisfying DNA that would eventually fit into the role of capable Coller’s heir, we may have come across the right (albeit not perfect) Dino’s follower without planning it previously.

Especially in the first 10-20 minutes, we noticed that Necid’s back to the goalie , Even in the middle of the line, wins the duel and then does not even come up with the balloon, which is a useful combination of attributes.Thus, one element more narrowly led to two fouls in dangerous places (one of which came at 57 minutes and was essentially our first striking moment at half the opponent since the beginning of the second half), and he had the potential to help us with otherwise miserable work Attacks in the middle of the field. True, Necid was supported by the second wave better than the Northern Irish Lafferty, but he was not even helped in any way by mistake.However, this should come in hand with the anticipated boldest gaming plan: once Rosicky will not have to defy the defensive to the very limit of our lime (by the way, he was a great performance of the model leader as of the beginning of the qualification) and once the winger and To the center of the dying Dočkal, we could, once again, wait for some of the Bozak’s “Jabadabadůůů” to cope with the Koller-Baroš co-operation…2) Spain certainly was not 100% but indicated that he was ready to move Onward. If we had to judge purely on the basis of the first round, the Germans are now quite clear kings of proactive soccer football, and the Spaniards can not fully equal them.Envoys from the Pyrenees still tend to slip into sterile soccer, when most creative midfielder wants to primarily control the game and do not appear in larger numbers between lines – in places where they can be really dangerous. In addition, as Ted Knutson has pointed out, you can also get such a bizarre impression that Spanish rebound is based almost on the foundations of American football. However, Spain now seems to have the desire to break out of (often Unfair) boxes of boring, static balloon holders, and perhaps the most up-to-date version of theirs – let’s say the most amusing – version of 2008.This is also aided by (often unfairly) criticized Álvaro Morata, who has reserves in the end, but his movement and dribble can remarkably resemble Torres. Likewise, Silva had vertical runs that he would not have liked earlier in the Spanish jersey, and this could be continued.

A new part of the Spanish blueprint appears to be also a right-handed and straight-forward left wing – yesterday Nolito He did not bring any breathtaking performance, but in the future he can only go up and be a useful force. In the second half, Pedro was alternating, until now Del Bosque was used almost exclusively on the right.There, on the other hand, most of the team is Silva, who, together with Iniestu, creates a reliable cruncher, enforcing numerous opponents’ defensive and backup lines. The Barcelona genius is, however, still a complete alpha and a limit for the launch of offensive actions; He is always looking for a preference and his heatmap demonstrates beautifully that (in the lime section) all over the left attacking half. Silva has not moved so much in this direction.

(By the way, if you were ready to go out of the weaker Iniest’s club-level season, forget that.Even in the finals of the Spanish Cup, he was great, and his attention to the Spanish jersey obviously proved to him – only yesterday he managed to score half of his leagues and the same number of missiles from behind lime (two) as across the 28 matches! Iniesta is obviously a taste, and that is a problem for every team in the world.)

3) Ladislav Krejčí may be even more essential part of this team than We admitted to the tournament.

One dimension of the Tailor’s contribution was firmly predictable: he would have to sell his extraordinary work morality, rather than a failing and positionally inaccurate Limbersky.His yesterday’s performance was not crystalline, but it was alarming how often Hubner and Krejci had to get out of the ‘prescribed’ field of expertise because of their shortcomings and improvise. The key influence in this direction was particularly evident in the second half, when at first glance it had more energy than anybody in white.Still, we could definitely expect him to be more of a balloon, which may be against rivals we will not be afraid of attacking more aggressively.

Where in any case he did not count with Krejci’s share, that was standard – He did not rank the primary exekutor unibet until yesterday, but he probably benefited from other fake curves Brückner et al., On the basis of which we shuffled the delivery from the corner twice a bit untraditionally towards the goal, once Krejci and his team showed us a purposefully played horn shortly, As a direct kicker, the Spartan midfielder understood Hubner.To the Pilsen Stoper at the time of the ideal position for the ending, he would have gone through a single step.


1) The Irish have a lot to offer in the future… 2012 also incredibly refreshing. The fact that O’Neill’s team keeps the sticker of the specialists over the standard situation, no one worried about it (and as a result, the Irish first made a great chance of car-throwing), but their play with the balloon in motion was already pleasantly surprised.Earlier ‘Irish Gattuso’ Glenn Whelan was able to concentrate fully on black work in the 4-2-3-1 formation, while the distribution of the balloons was conveniently provided by Norwich’s Wes Hoolahan phenomenon instead.

But the presence of a creative offensive midfielder is not The only change compared to 2012. At that time, coach Trapattoni, in simple terms, was drawn to the East of Europe either by athletic nefotbalists or by non-athletic (not very mobile) footballers – and the result was a cruelly unscrupulous football, This time, the Irish selection still counts some of the versatile players who may still be distinguished, among other things, by physics but also adding something useful extra.False left wing Jeff Hendrick brings to the team the character of a capable mid-range shooter, whose urgent action is really turning around and a new threat is represented by both the extreme bead of Brady and Coleman whose air delivery will certainly be crucial for Iry. The Irish are also willing to combine on the ground at the same time, which is helped by the fact that they are glad to meet in a large number of places (note the factual absence of a right wing and an uncovered focus on the opposite side). > 2)…and therefore should never play their neighbors from the north of the island. Due to the above-mentioned plus, the Irish behavior was frowned by the branched goal.At that time, O’Neill’s ensemble dragged into a deep block (for which he did not have enough stubborn stunts like Northern Ireland), in all directions became an extremely passive mankath, and eventually he earned his collections. At the same time, the potential Achilles heel of the Irish representation could also be reflected in the future, as the double pivot Whelan – McCarthy played with yellow cards on the table, and first of all, the first one seemed to be completely upset at the end.And this is not a good thing after the first tournament match.

3) Hamren looks like he does not know how he wants to make a team. On the Euro 2012, under the same leadership, the Swedes did not appear to be synchronized; They said without a clear plan, and they promised creativity, among other things, from Toivonen, if not Elmander, which in turn was a hindrance. This year, Sweden is not much better – as if it did not move in the four years. Especially against England, the Northeasts often played in the style that they were playing in the middle of the field for four-five meters, without the invention and the taste to break through, which more or less characterized their yesterday’s speech (and especially the first half).Lewicki had only the defensive support under his thumb, while Källström concentrated mainly on the drawing of horizontal passes and the advance of the Swedish game was obviously helped only by the trivial overtaking of the ball by Beck Olsson, who then threatened the center from time to time.

And that was really all. Sebastian Larsson, in front of the winning goal, acted as if he were on the pitch purely for the standards (Källström was kicking), and in particular Eredivisie’s Dutch observer made him think about the fact that his namesake, Sam of Heerenveen, still had no starting point for an adult representation . Larsson’s younger character characterizes the speed and ability to roll the balloon, which precisely the three-crown backfire was desperately missing.Emil Forsberg, though, meets that profile, but the Irish obviously gave him a special cap. True, Källström and Larsson eventually came to the game as “grown up”, but they only caught the moment when it was possible for the Irish passivity. Once the pace had subsided, both veterans managed to dictate him.But such conditions are very specific, and at least the traditional Belgian expression is not negating, rather the opposite.


1) Italy is no longer worthless. When the final nomination of Antonio Conte, the media, the fans and the media were at least surprised. No master Pirlo or key items of backup like Verratti and Marchisium (the other two are, as a matter of fact, injuries and otherwise would be), or Montolivo with Jorgin, not to mention the ousted Giovanni or the pioneer Pavoletti and Belotti. So, speculation was made immediately, whether it is the worst Italian list of all time.

No, maybe yes, but that’s perfect. The perfect defense of the Italians was expected by anyone.However, the offensive superstructure developed by Conte with the 3-5-2 formation has made it a long time to criticize the head in a single half-time. Representatives of the Apennine Peninsula always knew exactly what to play and how they played, and they flushed smoothly, as if the resolution on defense, backup and attack did not even exist. The Belgians did not know who was beating when the excellently dueling duel of Pellè-Eder’s attackers was sometimes throwing back, and the tireless Giaccherini and Candreva set off.

But to do this, you need your Pirla / Kroose, a player with long passports on the remote control. Leandro Bonucci’s role in the Italian team was absolutely superb.Although the physical demands of this style are high and the Italian Eleven Eleven had the highest average age of the European championships (almost 31.5 years!), Conte’s set of veterans with the Belgians was running smoothly until the end.

One note to the conclusion: in the way the Italians rejoiced after each goal and the final whistle, neither the countries that debut the Euro this year did not show up. He also testifies of the mentality of his Conte team. Even when Gigi Buffon shows off such an escapade, you must be clear that the next Azzurri matches can not be missed.And the assumed quarterfinal with Germany is double.

2) Wilmots kicks the tomb at such a speed that it will soon appear in Australia. Let’s make a smaller comparison first. Marc Wilmots has been at the helm of a Belgian representation since May 2012 and has been engaging as an assistant since 2009. It has the golden generation of the Red Devils, which is lacking in football perfection, perhaps only the top end of the globe. Antonio Conte, on the other hand, arrived at the Italian national team after a scandal involving the 2014 World Cup and, as mentioned above, his Euro cadre raised a number of doubts.Yet the Azzurri of the Belgians defeated completely.

While Wilmots’s eleven was really just the eleven unsurpassed individuality, Conte created a TEAM for a much shorter period of time, a mature team that pulls one rope. “Italy surpassed us in the organization and tactically were the best team on the pitch,” said goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois after the match. And what about Marc Wilmots? “Defeat is all disappointing for us, but I do not think we would lose a tactical battle…The Italians completely stopped playing in the second half, only ten players were behind the ball. “

3) Fellaini’s paradox .

Performance in the jersey: from his position in the middle of the field, he has created an incredible seven chances.

In order to fit this action into the proper context, Dimitri Payet has eight titles, with Fellaini producing for the whole of this year’s club season Chance eleven.Add seven keystrokes to you, the excellent success rate of the strikes in the offensive third of the pitch or the three captured passes of your opponent and you will see the performance of a good man match.

And yet it remains a question of whether Fellaini’s advantage is to deploy in this position still. On the contrary, all the players around him are obviously suffering, and especially the inability to co-operate with Edwin Hazard with Kevin de Bruyn is just as dangerous to commemorate the similar difficulty of the English around the famous duo Gerrard-Lampard. So what better to put in the middle of the field of unstoppable dribbling Dembélie and De Bruynem instead of choking at the side line to pass the role of full tens (already has the jersey, of course, Hazard)? We would have liked it too much from the Wilmots.


Slavia in Prague has called for a new coach after Dusan Uhrin, who is younger than eight, including Zdeněk Zeman. Jaroslav Tvrdík, the chairman of the board of directors, refused only Luboš Kozel, Jaroslav Šilhavý was the new coach.

“We started with the selection last Monday, and we contacted three Czech and four foreign trainers plus Zdeněk Zeman. “

” We have had five qualifiers, “said Tvrdík, a representative of the Chinese owner of the CEFC club, We are not in the situation that Jaroslav Šilhavý would have left us and it was a bit short.For all of us, we’re sorry we do not have team C and D to try them out. At the end we had a tangled head to choose from, “he added.

Šilhavý, who won the title with Liberec in the 2011/12 season, is considered the most suitable candidate. first and two third, moved from the European League group. He is a former fellow, captain of the team, a member of the Friendship Department. It’s our stitch, it’s got heart and deployment. This is where we see the biggest reserves of the team. Together, Tvrdík said.

Šilhavý brought Slavia to his long-time assistants Jiří Chytrý and Milan Veselý.The Tvrdík confirmed that Radoslav Látal, who returned to Polish Piasta Gliwice a few days ago, and also Zeman, who became famous in Italy, was also interested in the final form of the implementation team. “We very much appreciate the fact that he was interested in not negotiating with him, he wanted to leave a trace in the Czech Republic, unfortunately the negotiations ended because of force majeure, and I do not think that the negotiations ruined the lack of interest of one or the other. I can not tell the talk, “Tvrdík said.

None of the candidates claimed Slavia to be the coach of the representative Kozla eighteen. He was initially the main adept, but then leaked information to the media about the alleged pay terms of the contract, and the trainer’s engagement met.Slavia has accused the escape of the Football Association of the Czech Republic, but it refused.

“At the very beginning, he was one of the main favorites for this position. technical details, but then the information on the technical aspects of our negotiations was published and the coach quickly rethought it, “Tvrdík said.

” We are sorry that the leak did not come from the negotiating team. and why it has provided this information, I think it is fairly clear to all of us, but it is an experience.He was probably not a suitable coach for a club that works under pressure and has great expectations, “added Tvrdík.

Slavia figures up to tenth place with eight points, according to Tvrdík but the club does not change “” We have only four rounds to play, the cards are still being dealt, “ said.

The coach of Karel Jarolím, the premier on the soccer bench did not score, the 0-0 draw with Northern Ireland on the start of the World Cup qualifying due to the composition of the group as a loss. “The situation we could scoring was a lot, unfortunately we did not change it.” The game ended 0: 0, but the second half showed the way we want to go, only a better final stage was missed, “Jarolim said at a press conference

He regretted that in the 63rd minute he was in the best chance defeated Filip Novák himself. “That was such a conclusion. I have to understand that he did not, nothing else left me.But we can not think that in such a match we will make ten such chances. It should change. Phil is a defender, but he is also able to finish and give goals from this position, “Jarolím said.

Since the Czech” qualification “group includes the defender of gold Germany and directly the championship will only advance the winner, the home draw coach with the islanders would lose.

“Who would not be frozen. It’s a loss, but we have to put our heads up and learn. If we did not have the chance, it would be worse. We have to look on. We are waiting for Germany, Azerbaijan and the last autumn match with Norway.We will concentrate on these games and try to fix the loss, “ said the successor of Pavel Vrba.

On the wrong ending, he wants to try to work with the team in the next matches. better. In some, we should be quicker, some more reassuring. We will try to work on it, even if there is not much room. We will work to try to play a combination football and create the situation, “Jarolim said.

He did not rule out that he would give other players a chance in the next matches. I’m going to see the twenty-one that she’s playing on Tuesday in Belgium. Maybe somebody out of here that we’d pull out. Or if someone showed up in our league or outside.Everyone has the door open when he says about it, “Jarolim said.

After defeating Sparta, Jakub Brabec is slowly settling in Belgian Genk. He believes he will soon be given a chance to show what is in him. He admits that it was hard to leave the flight team in which he worked since his childhood.

“I will remember all the Spartans only in good spirits, I spent many years, celebrated the title and experienced a lot of beautiful things. on the other hand, it has to be seen as a job and not just a fun thing. It’s the right moment for me to move on, so it goes, “said Brabec for the Sparta website. “Leaving the club is odd when I was part of it since I was 5. I’m a Spartan and I will always be,” he added.

He has two training sessions in Genk. “Morning at the playground and afternoon at the gym.It’s a little change of rhythm, a lot of things are different from what I used to be from Sparta. Everything is new, but also pleasant even though I have not stopped yet. So far, I am satisfied here, “ evaluated the first few hours after arriving.

Due to the break, he did not have the chance to get to know all of the teammates. ” There are some thirteen, have a representative duty, but that’s why I have a better chance of getting in touch with the rest that’s left. I will speak English in English, there are also trainings in English, because there are quite a lot of foreigners here, “Brabec said.

The biggest change for the twenty-four-year-old stopper is the city.Instead of a million Prague, he has to get used to a Belgian town with 70,000 inhabitants. “It’s a very nice city, clean and well-being, a high standard of living, it’s not too big, but there are no columns, and every ten minutes I’ll be there,” he said. p> “I’m in the hotel now, but I’m looking for a little townhouse, and when I find it, the family will come to me and everything will be cheerful,” he added.

His departure abroad during the summer was already slow to believe, since the original candidate Anderlecht Brussels did not have a transfer. “It was not pleasant, especially when the repre pause approached, and it was paradoxical that I was not in the nomination because otherwise the transfer could not be tightened, and it was a long stretch, and I was really reluctant to believe.Eventually, Genk, who was in the game and at the beginning of the transfer period, was really important and I felt really interested in him, “Brabec said.

He counted that at first “” But thanks to the European League, we have a lot of matches, so I’ll probably get a chance sooner or later, “ believes.

Ladislav Krejčí has ​​a good start to the season. After a summer break from Sparta, he was caught in Bologna and on Wednesday he made a 3-0 goal in a representative match over Armenia. The 24-year-old footballer is delighted to welcome him in Italy because he was initially afraid of his first engagement outside the club. The tailor believes he will soon become better able to understand Italian.

“So far I have to say that I like it very much, both in life and in soccer, from the beginning it was so hectic. he can not concentrate entirely on football, even if he does.There is a lot of equipment, be it a bank, a home, a telephone…” Krejci told journalists today’s meeting with the representatives.

Bologna has struggled in three contests and scored in a cup , he did not recognize another, apparently regular, at the league, and he also won the praise of the Italian media. “I do not really understand the newspapers, so I do not know what’s going on. But I perceived that the boys took me between them. We have a great part and all the teammates and people in the club have tried to help me from the beginning, “Krejci said.

” We did not have any rituals, This is different from the Czech cabin. The boys immediately accepted us.For me it was the first big experience to join another team because I’ve always been in Sparta, I was not even hosting. It was a big change for me, too, “added a 27-fold representative.

He has not yet been the victim of the famous” shirts of shame, “where not only in Italy are gambling misconduct. “I have not been deceived yet, but it is known that everyone is dressed well. I can only confirm that. Nobody has ever been there yet, but it will come sometime in the winter, because now at 36 degrees it can not be too bad.If you give yourself more layers, you may have some fun about the shoulder strap, “said Spartan’s offspring.

So far, he has spoken more in English. ” I already have the first hints, I order meals and ask about the basic stuff, but it is not yet the conversation with the boys at the table. But I believe it will be soon. After the meeting, we should get our teacher and start working harder, “Krejci said.

The big differences between the Czech and Italian leagues are seen in tactical demands. ” The Italian League is a lot of tactical focused, this is one of the biggest differences. We played against FC Torino (1: 5) and it had four five players with a superior quality.But so far I can not compare it with other teams, it was only the second game, “said a native from Prague, who is most pleased with the Juventus championship.

Wednesday’s duel with Armenia does not overstate and is already looking to the start of the World Cup qualifiers with Northern Ireland on Sunday. “I enjoyed the game very much. We were in a lot of chances, we combined well and they attacked very well. We appreciate victory, but we can not fly in the clouds, because on Sunday a very important match and a strong opponent is waiting for us. But I believe we can do it, “said Krejci.

Estos son dos conjuntos de la parte inferior de la tabla. Prostejov es el último, Pardubice tercero desde el final. Y los equipos locales que hacen a sus oponentes una semana tienen la obligación de ganar.

“Queremos confirmar nuestro equilibrio interno. Pero no será fácil “, recuerda el Dynamo David Horejš, entrenador del Dynamo David.

Y a causa de lesiones.Hasta que el entrenamiento previo al partido de ayer tuvo que decidir si el juego será capaz de saltar Novak, que desde el partido de Copa ante el Sparta tomó esguince de tobillo y no jugó este fin de semana en la segunda división en Vlašim y Benat, que han tirado un músculo en Vlašim.

“Los dos jugadores con incluso experimentaron una semana, así que ya veremos”, dijo el entrenador de Dynamo ayer por la tarde Horejš, añadiendo que seguramente va a estar ausente Adrian Čermák, que tiene un tallo de una tarjeta amarilla. Jihočechům así puede derramarse y interacción en el centro del campo, que está tan adornada al comienzo de la competencia.

Prostejov es un recién llegado a la competencia. Por primera vez en la temporada ganó la última ronda con una Pardubice 3: 0 ª “Puede fortalecerlos.Aunque no se sabe a muchos aficionados del equipo, jugando una liga donde los jugadores de experiencia como Kroupa y Schuster, “dice el entrenador Horejš.

Prostejov en el sur de Bohemia introducido recientemente en el año 2002 en la segunda división. El equipo local ganó 3: 0 en ese momento. El mismo resultado tomaría Jihočeši nuevamente. Al igual que entonces visita a la derecha en una isla -. 2.902 espectadores

Pardubice Taborsko bienvenida. Los niños tratan de pan de jengibre

En la entrada al partido de mañana será la entrega de los niños de pan de jengibre. Y los jugadores de fútbol de Táborska quieren jugar contra sus oponentes.

Betfair Lo necesitaban.

Bohemia del Sur ganó la última vez a finales de agosto.En la última ronda perdió alta 0: 5 Mesa de Opava y caen hacia abajo cuando su ambición es moverse en el extremo opuesto. Tienen cuatro puntos sobre sus rivales del mañana.

“Tenemos que luchar y poner todo en este partido. La pérdida con Opava no se puede evitar, pero ahora tenemos que vencer al oponente y ganar todos los puntos del partido. Vamos a ir por la victoria “, dijo el entrenador Petr Frnek.

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On Saturday, the new English league will kick off, offering a few lures. The return to the top will be sought by the strengthened Manchester United with manager José Mourinho, cannonist Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the world’s most expensive football player Paul Pogba. With the new coaches, the second Manchester City Club (Pep Guardiola) and another giant Chelsea (Antonio Conte) will join the season. The sensational title will be defended by Leicester.

Manchester’s “Red Devils” made a significant purchase in the summer. In return for midfielder Pogby, Juventus paid a record € 105m, Dortmund received midfielder Henrik Mchitarjan (42m euros) and Villarreal defender Eric Bailly (38m euros). Thirty-three-year-old Ibrahimovic at Old Trafford headed after the expiration of a contract in Paris.Germain.

Mourinho wants to get the United title for the first time since 2012/13. “I have sometimes set goals unrealistically during my career, which have been shifted to unexpected levels, with Portem and Intero being triumphs in the Champions League, I want to win the Premier League right here in the first season,” said the three-time English champion with Chelsea.

Experts and fans are looking forward to the Mourinh duel with the Guardiola, who were already rioting in the Spanish league on Real Madrid and Barcelona bench. “I think José rightly said it was not about him or me, but we played many times and I know him well.All the coaches want to win and we are no exception, “said Guardiola, who has been collecting successes in Bayern Munich for the past three years.

Last season, City, who are the biggest favorites of the title , they did not spare in the summer, just behind the John Stones footguard, Ilkaye Gündogan’s midfielder and wing wins Leroy Sanny and Nolita paid 150m euros. Chelsea was in the shadow of Manchester competitors, although she also introduced two big Leicester “Blues” bought midfielder N’Gola Kantho and Marseilles striker Michy Batshuayie.Former Italian Conte coach is set to rectify the unexpected tenth place of the last year.

Leicester has left only Kanté after historical success, while other support of Jamie Varda and Riyadh Mahriz over the interest of larger clubs have remained. According to coach Claudio Ranieri, “Foxes” will be a bigger outsider to win the title than last year, when bookmakers listed the 5000: 1 astronomical course. “Everything is different and we will have to be smart to succeed again, so now it’s 6000: 1.” It is more likely that Piccadilly will land an ET alien, “the Italian strategist said jokingly. >

Deputy Arsenal has left Tomas Rosicky, captain of the national team, after ten years. Former goalkeeper Petr Čech already starts at the Emirates stadium for the second season.Coach Arsena Wenger’s team has only one reinforcement – midfielder Granit Xhak of Mönchengladbach. Arsenal’s English title has been awaiting since 2004.

At least the Tottenham and Liverpool thirds of the last season should fight for the cups. Jürgen Kloppa’s trusted desire to improve the eighth position. The newcomers of the year 2016/17 are Burnley, Middlesbrough and Hull.

Besides Czech goalie, only one Czech representative Matěj Vydra remained in the competition, who will fight for a chance in the attack of Watford. She left definitively to Sheffield Daniel Pudil. In the second English league there will be another defender Tomas Kalas, whom Chelsea sent this time to host Fulham.

rooli kansallisessa valmentaja Karel Jarolím otti vasta maanantaina, mutta hän onnistui ensimmäisenä tutustumismatkan Sveitsiin ottelun Baselin maalivahti Tomáš Vaclík ja puolustaja Marek Suchy. Kiireinen ohjelma odottaa edelleen häntä vietäväksi Tanskaan viikonloppuna. Hän myös aloitti kanssa Unibet kapteeni Tomas Rosicky, joka harkitsee hänen seuraava tulevaisuudessa.

“Hitaasti rozkoukávám, työskentelevät seuran ja maajoukkueen on vielä jotain muuta.Toimistossa olen vielä tarvitaan paljon nezabydlel, että on niin paljon aikaa eikä “ sanoi haastattelussa verkkosivuilla jalkapalloliiton Tsekin Jarolím. ” Olen lopettanut ensimmäinen matka Sveitsiin viikko katselin toiminnassa “Puhuin henkilökohtaisesti Vaclekin ja Suchyn kanssa, jotka tiesivät olevansa hyvin psykologinen hyvinvointi. Basel on jo pitkään ollut edelläkävijä, hoidetaan ja ottelu Bern ja uskon, että te tuoda positiivista mielialaa ja maajoukkueen.Täyttävät esimerkiksi pitkästä aikaa Mara Suchy joka vuosi sitten Pidän hyvin nuori vedetään ensimmäinen joukkue Slavia oli erityisen nautittavaa, “ lisätään.

Toinen tapa odottaa Jarolím kuka jälkeen EM korvattu Pavel Vrba, jo Unibet mobiili vedonlyönti bonukset viikonloppuna. “lennän Tanskaan ottelun Midtjylland ja Filipa Novaka seppeleitä Kadlec. Haluan nähdä pelaajamme elävän ja tavata heitä. Oma työmäärä lähitulevaisuudessa vastaavat siis: Aion katsoa mahdollisimman paljon otteluita pelaajia, jotka ovat harkitaan ehdokkaita tulevista otteluista Armeniaa vastaan ​​ja Pohjois-Irlannissa, “ sanoi.

“Jos en ole stadionilla henkilökohtaisesti, meillä on tarpeeksi DVD-levyjä katsomaan.Tämä tietenkin pätee myös lähimmät kilpailijat: Olen kartoitettu useita otteluja Armeniassa, joiden kanssa se kilpailee alustavassa ottelut, ja tietenkin Pohjois-Irlannin, jota vastaan ​​aloitamme ajot, “ sanoi Jarolím.

Devětapadesátiletého valmentaja odottaa ennen ensimmäistä nimitys Unibet  valmistelevia ottelu Armenian, joka on määrä 31 elokuussa. Jarolím se on löydettävä seuraaja useita tukipilareista. Euro oli päättynyt Petr Čech Jaroslav Plašil Roman Hubník David Lafata ja David Limberský.

“Mikään näistä viisi pelaajaa, jotka eivät laukaise tunnin täysimääräisesti huomioon päätöksensä ja en aio taivutella joku muuttaa näkymää. Kaikki ovat edustaneet tarpeeksi edustusta, joka koskee lähinnä Petr Čechia ja Jaroslav Plašilia.Meidän täytyy keskittyä enemmän se löytää riittävän seuraaja ja jatka kohtuullisesti toimi, “ sanoi.

Epävarma on tulevaisuuden maajoukkueen kapteeni Tomas Rosicky, joka on Energybet vedonlyönti android puhelimella mestaruuden haavoittunut toistaiseksi päättänyt jatkaa. “Thomas, mielestäni, kaikki on auki, hän on edelleen virallisesti turha kommentoida. Sen Seuraava askel on seurata, mutta ensin Odotan hänen päätöksensä, “ Jarolím sanoi.

” Se on ylimääräinen pelaaja, olla hänen kanssaan riippuu monista muista tekijöistä – erityisesti terveyttä. Joten nyt on spekuloida jotain. Mutta en sano myös, että Tomas yhdistää ja olla yhdessä puhua, “ hän sanoi.

Mladoboleslav and Jablonec will be in the third round of the first league to defend their 100% balance in the course of the new season. Severočesi will start Saturday against Slovácko, while the Central Bohemian team is waiting for the new coach Leoš Kaldova to be the newcomer from Karviná. If both favorites win, it will be their best entry into the league, because nine points after three rounds have never before. Mladá Boleslav left coach Karel Jarolím after the second round, who headed for the selection. In the first two games, the Central Bohemian team managed to win over Liberec and Příbram, while Boleslav under his leadership still did not score in the highest competition.

“I will try to build on the work of Karel Jarolim in terms of discipline and game play.I do not want to interfere much, “said Kalvoda, who had previously worked in Karvina.” I would have lied to say I was not nervous. Karvina is a fighting team playing at the edge of hardness. They have it quite stabilized and it will be an unpleasant rival, “he added.

Jablonec is also 100% in the first two rounds of the two newcomers from Karviná and Hradec Králové. his opponent Slovácko, who has not won under the new coach Stanislav Levy in the league (lost 2: 3 with Sparta, draw 2: 2 with Dukla). “We managed to defeat the last round in setting an important draw with the Dukla after the combat performance.But we can not build on it, “said Lewis. ” I do not want to anticipate, but if we do not put our power to the limit, we will have a very difficult role in Jablonec, “added the coach of Slovácko. in Jablonec was the last one to win 14 years ago.

The first Prague derby in the season awaits Sparta, which will be presented on the Bohemians 1905 course. For the Letennier team it will be the general for the opening playoff of the European League,

i> “I think their performance has been positive and has been beneficial.There is a great chance that they may appear in another match, “said Zdeněk Svoboda, assistant to club TV.

Leos Kalvoda will be the successor of the new coach of Karel Jarolím in Mladá Boleslav. Osmdesátiletý coach still led the second league Frýdek-Místek, from which he was given permission to go to the Central Bohemian club, which is two rounds at the top of the table of the highest competition. In Mladá Boleslav Kalvoda signed a two-year contract valid until June 30, 2018.His assistants will be Jiří Saňák, who still led the youth in Olomouc, and the members of the team David Jarolím, goalkeeping coach Jiří Malík and fitness coach Martin Trsak.

“We have watched Kalvoda’s work for a long time about his abilities and strengths demonstrated in, for example, Znojmo and Olomouc, “said Josef Dufek, president of Mladá Boleslav club. “We have made this release conditional on the unambiguous agreement of the Frýdek-Místek management. I am glad that Kalvoda’s engagement in Boleslav has been realized in an unusually short time.”

for me really hard to say, since I was Moravák and in Frýdek-Místek I felt really good.On the other hand, such a offer is not rejected, especially at my age, “said Kalvoda, who led Frýdek-Místek only in the one match of the current season against Ústí nad Labem.

I have not experienced engagement yet. I’m sorry, but it’s a football life. I have to admit, however, that when I experienced Frydec fans at our home premiere with O’Clock, I thought that the engagement would be good here. Maybe I will come back and I have to say that I am very happy, “added Kalvoda.

The eighth-year coach in the first league has led Hradec Králové, Znojmo and Sigma Olomouc twice. competition on account 98. The premiere on the Mladá Boleslav bench will take place on Saturday in a home match against Karviná, where he worked in the past.He also trained Slovak Zilina, HFK Olomouc, Slovácko and Přerov.Jarolim after the Sunday win of Mladá Boleslav in Příbram 1: 0 and the subsequent meeting with the club leadership definitely moved to the representation where he will replace Pavel Vrba.In Frýdek-Místek probably Kaldata will be represented by assistant Miroslav Nemec .