Brabec, despite the lost premiere in Genk, has only heard praise

Although Czech defender Jakub Brabec did not defeat the defeat 0: 2 with Anderlecht Brussels in the opening premiere of Genk, after the Sunday match of the Belgian league he had only positive feedback on his performance. Thirty-four-year-old stoper believes he has a good fit in the new team and will keep his place in the base line.

“My performance must be appreciated by others, but I think I have stood well.Since the match has ended, I have only positive feedback, “said Brabec for the website of his agent Ondrej Chovance.” I’m just sorry for the result, but it’s just the beginning of the season and it will be important for us to get to top 4, because it is still playoff title, “ added.

The defeat with Anderlecht, who also wanted to get him from Sparta in the summer, regretted that Genk’s home was better. “The match was pretty wild and it’s a shame we did not change the chances. Instead, we collected from the standard when we left a free player on the back stick. Then came the first red one after the second yellow card, the second goal and the second red.The first goal of the match changed the picture and the other broke it, “Brabec evaluated.

He hoped to say about the opening eleven. ” The coach told me in the beginning that he wants me to look, acclimate. I’ve worked well in training, I’ve waited for two games that did not get us out of the game or the game, and the odds came. I’m so excited. I would like to keep the place in the report and help to play the highest rung, ” said Spartan pugilist.

The Belgian league is so excited. ” Everything is enough faster than we would, I would have liked the matches with those high-quality rivals to play against Sparta in the European League. There are many good footballers and the competition is of great quality.If anyone does not believe it, calmly come to me to come and convincing myself…For me personally it is another step forward, “Brabec pointed out.

” The players accepted me without problems , I am very happy here. Everybody speaks English, so I can negotiate without difficulty. I think I’m fine, “added Genk, whose team is ranked tenth in seven rounds of the Belgian league.