Brabec is accustomed to Belgium, but he remains a sparrow forever

After defeating Sparta, Jakub Brabec is slowly settling in Belgian Genk. He believes he will soon be given a chance to show what is in him. He admits that it was hard to leave the flight team in which he worked since his childhood.

“I will remember all the Spartans only in good spirits, I spent many years, celebrated the title and experienced a lot of beautiful things. on the other hand, it has to be seen as a job and not just a fun thing. It’s the right moment for me to move on, so it goes, “said Brabec for the Sparta website. “Leaving the club is odd when I was part of it since I was 5. I’m a Spartan and I will always be,” he added.

He has two training sessions in Genk. “Morning at the playground and afternoon at the gym.It’s a little change of rhythm, a lot of things are different from what I used to be from Sparta. Everything is new, but also pleasant even though I have not stopped yet. So far, I am satisfied here, “ evaluated the first few hours after arriving.

Due to the break, he did not have the chance to get to know all of the teammates. ” There are some thirteen, have a representative duty, but that’s why I have a better chance of getting in touch with the rest that’s left. I will speak English in English, there are also trainings in English, because there are quite a lot of foreigners here, “Brabec said.

The biggest change for the twenty-four-year-old stopper is the city.Instead of a million Prague, he has to get used to a Belgian town with 70,000 inhabitants. “It’s a very nice city, clean and well-being, a high standard of living, it’s not too big, but there are no columns, and every ten minutes I’ll be there,” he said. p> “I’m in the hotel now, but I’m looking for a little townhouse, and when I find it, the family will come to me and everything will be cheerful,” he added.

His departure abroad during the summer was already slow to believe, since the original candidate Anderlecht Brussels did not have a transfer. “It was not pleasant, especially when the repre pause approached, and it was paradoxical that I was not in the nomination because otherwise the transfer could not be tightened, and it was a long stretch, and I was really reluctant to believe.Eventually, Genk, who was in the game and at the beginning of the transfer period, was really important and I felt really interested in him, “Brabec said.

He counted that at first “” But thanks to the European League, we have a lot of matches, so I’ll probably get a chance sooner or later, “ believes.