It was strange to play here as a guest player, Latka said

After years of work in Slavia, Martin Latka presented Eden unusually as an opponent. Liberec players even led to the 7th round of the first league as captain, but after the game he did not have much reason to enjoy. Slavic goal of Latka’s friend Milan Skoda lost 0: 1 and the table is only fourteen just two points above the descent bars.

“The feeling was strange, of course, playing here as a guest Bet365 player. from the beginning, focus mainly on our performance to show good football.Unfortunately, we lost, and especially during the first half we did not manage to play the game, “Latka told reporters.

Domestic supporters prepared a very warm welcome for the former captain Slavie, who headed to Liberec from Eden in summer several times during the match chanted his name. “The reception was beautiful, I would like to thank the fans for this. But now my feelings are not positive. “

Liberec was preparing mainly for the home canonist Škoda, who still scored the stick and then decided only one goal in the 60th minute. ” I had some little knowledge about Slavie, but I’ll keep it for myself. We knew that the greatest danger was threatened by Milan Skoda and it was confirmed.He gave us a goal, “ said Latka.

” These are individual mistakes that knock us off a few times. By standards, we’ve Unibet determined who’s supposed to watch the players. “We’ve had a lot of fun with Milan and we’ve been de facto together.”

here spent most of the time together with Jirka Bielka. We are great friends, so of course we greeted each other. Our fight was won by Milan, nothing else can be said when they won, “Latka said.

In the end, Liberecký stoper tried to help offset by moving forward.Twenty minutes before the end, he attempted a scissors at the goal below the “boiler”, but retired by the offsider. “Unfortunately, all the battles I did before I lost, no more power, and the scissors, I do not know where it was,” added the match against the former club. played Latek as captain. “Captain Pokorny is injured, our deputy Milan Baros has dropped out, so the election was Bet365 automatically dropped on Martin, and I decided it was because of what the game was played for, his approach and how he helped us and how ” said Liberec coach Jindřich Trpišovský.