Jablonec and Boleslav will defend the 100% balance in the league

Mladoboleslav and Jablonec will be in the third round of the first league to defend their 100% balance in the course of the new season. Severočesi will start Saturday against Slovácko, while the Central Bohemian team is waiting for the new coach Leoš Kaldova to be the newcomer from Karviná. If both favorites win, it will be their best entry into the league, because nine points after three rounds have never before. Mladá Boleslav left coach Karel Jarolím after the second round, who headed for the selection. In the first two games, the Central Bohemian team managed to win over Liberec and Příbram, while Boleslav under his leadership still did not score in the highest competition.

“I will try to build on the work of Karel Jarolim in terms of discipline and game play.I do not want to interfere much, “said Kalvoda, who had previously worked in Karvina.” I would have lied to say I was not nervous. Karvina is a fighting team playing at the edge of hardness. They have it quite stabilized and it will be an unpleasant rival, “he added.

Jablonec is also 100% in the first two rounds of the two newcomers from Karviná and Hradec Králové. his opponent Slovácko, who has not won under the new coach Stanislav Levy in the league (lost 2: 3 with Sparta, draw 2: 2 with Dukla). “We managed to defeat the last round in setting an important draw with the Dukla after the combat performance.But we can not build on it, “said Lewis. ” I do not want to anticipate, but if we do not put our power to the limit, we will have a very difficult role in Jablonec, “added the coach of Slovácko. in Jablonec was the last one to win 14 years ago.

The first Prague derby in the season awaits Sparta, which will be presented on the Bohemians 1905 course. For the Letennier team it will be the general for the opening playoff of the European League,

i> “I think their performance has been positive and has been beneficial.There is a great chance that they may appear in another match, “said Zdeněk Svoboda, assistant to club TV.