Jarolim would like to go to the national team next week

Coach Karel Jarolím apparently in Příbram took the last match on the Mladá Boleslav bench. On Monday, the team leadership will negotiate a release to the national team. It was originally concluded with the Football Association that the club could be available until August 25, but after being eliminated from the European League, Jarolim wants to concentrate fully on the upcoming qualifiers.

to be my last match for Mladá Boleslav, “Jarolím told reporters after today’s 1-0 victory in Příbram. “We have a session with the leadership on Monday, so it is possible. I honestly say that I need to focus only on the representation.Already at the end of August is the first match, and I do not want to do anything in half, it would be irresponsible, “he added.

The 1940s Jarolim became a coach for Pavel Vrb on July 15, August 25 to lead Mlada Boleslav due to her participation in the European League qualification but now she wants to go to the national team that already has a friendly match with Armenia on August 31.

he has been able to look for something, but the work in the club and the representation is really power and it is not easy to put it together, “he admitted.

However, his release for representation will be related to whether Mlada Boleslav’s leadership successor.So far he has no new coach. Allegedly, the Central Bohemians negotiated with Radoslav Látalem, whose prize, however, is high after the success with Polish Gliwice. The choice could also be the arrival of David Jarolim, the son of a coaching coach. But he does not have the necessary license.

If the new coach was not quickly available, Jarolim would still have had to lead the team on Saturday’s home match with Karvina. But if he did not have a home break, he will not have to waste it, since the first duel with the national team will play with Armenia on 31st August in Mlada Boleslav and he will be able to say goodbye.

Jarolím can look forward to his the successor will be handed over by the team with full point gain. “I can pass it quietly, but two rounds do not mean anything.Even if I stayed, I would have pushed the team down because there is a time when it’s going to be lost, so there’s something to be done, “Jarolim said.

what to improve, it is no doubt. But I believe that whatever the team will lead to has something to do. We tried to do our best work, as I can. The club has grown to my heart, but when I came to such an offer, I would have been sorry if I did not get it. “

The Mladá Boleslav driver’s booth is said to have little to do with the coach’s dual role “It’s not a matter for us. We have no information and we are not dealing with it at all. The coach wore nothing to know.Nothing has changed, “said the midfielder Jakub Rada and refused to think that the ambiguity surrounding the coach might be reflected in the European League.

” How many times do not even remember to go coach away. If I did not read about it on the Internet sometimes, I do not even know it. We do not talk about it in the cabin, “he added.