Kadlec: The end in Germany was not ideal, I would probably want to show up

If the German World Cup qualifier qualifies on Saturday, the striker Václav Kadlec will have an increased motivation due to the unbounded engagement in the Bundesliga. The Spartan striker believes that when Czech footballers show their performance on the edge of the possibilities, they can surprise and score in Hamburg.

“I will probably have an increased motivation. I would like to show you, “he told Kadlec, who worked for two years in Frankfurt, before the training in Hamburg.After a great entry into the Bundesliga, however, he stopped moving, so he eventually headed for Danish Midtjylland and moved to Sparta in the summer.

The stadium in Hamburg, where the Saturday match takes place, has good memories. “I was here twice, and I went on a second time, but Lucas Piazón gave me a nice goal from a direct kick in Drobas (Drobný goalie), so we won, so good,” said Kadlec. >

Looking forward to a stormy backdrop, according to German media, it is sold out. “Of course I’m looking forward to seeing how big a stadium is,” Kadlec said with a smile, looking around the stands. “Fans are really good here.They supported Hamburg, even if it did not, “added a twenty-four-year-old striker.

They believe the Germans are not invincible. ” The basis is that we must give our maximum performance. When we pass it, there is a chance. Let’s see how they form. But again, I do not think they are classy higher than we are. Quality is huge, maybe bigger, but I will not say again that they would have to have a bad day and our best in life. “Kadlec did not mean that.”

“I would say that if you go quickly into a counterattack, you play fast breaks, so the team has problems with the best team.When the breads are well-made and well-done, it’s a recipe for every team, “added Kadlec.

Although he is an attacker, he is preferred by the German team to Jerome Boateng. an attacker I’d like to look like and look for extra. I rather like Kroos midfielder because I like Real Madrid, “added Kadlec.