Košice won the winning series in Žilina

ŽILINA – He was shooting dangerously on the left side of the Sivák in the first minute, but Hylák was attentive. The home had the opportunity to go into the lead when Bartoš was eliminated twice, but they did not take advantage of them. The opening goal of the game was to shoot Robert Huna, but he did not give it up before Hylak.

When playing four against four in the 13th minute Haščák escaped and his solo ended with the opening goal of the match. In the next few minutes, the Žilinians paid for exclusion. In the 17th minute he sat in the Krčula Penitentiary, and none of the unguarded Tabaczek stumbled upon everything that was in his way. At 19.min when the Troligu Zálešák was excluded from the left side of the betting area, he betrayed the third goal of the Žilinský goalman.

, which none of the teams made use of. Košice, however, created pressure and the result was a goal from Pašek stick in 29 min. In the next few minutes, the manager of the manager had more of the game, but the home keeper was several times the goalkeeper M. Laco. At the end II. Kubiša, Nemca and especially Sivák could mean the first goal of the wolves, but the status of the match was not changed.

At the beginning of the last part, they increased the home effort. The most dangerous was the shot of Sivak in the 43rd minute, but the Košice goalman covered it.Kosmas could increase their lead in a five-to-three predominance, but they did not take advantage of this 40-second advantage. In the last ten minutes, the Žilinians wanted to score at least a good goal, which they managed to eliminate when the first offensive formation was a good start at the end of which was Richard Huna. [/ B]

MsHK DOXXbet Žilina – HC Košice 1: 4 (0: 3, 0: 1) , 1: 0) Goals: 54. Richard Huna (Roberta Huna, D. Kudelka) 13. Marcel Haščák (Pašek, Kolba) 17. J. Tabaček (Dravecký, Zálešák ), 19. Zálešák (P. Bartoš, J. Tabáček), 29. Pašek (Marcel Haščák, Mlynarovič)
Shots: 8: 8 for 2 min, power play: 1: 2, P. Grecko – Rovenský, V.Suffered 1856 spectators

Žilina: M. Laco – D. Devečka, Kudělka, Leško, Dlouhý, Ďurkech, Houdek, Staňo, Krčula – P. Sivák, , Richard Huna – Drábek, V. Nemec, Stupka – M. Drevenák, Troliga, Smotrila – T. Sýkora, Linet, J. Kubiš

Košice: . Marcel Haščák, Pašek, Mlynarovič – E. Piatak, Martin Šovan, Martin Novák, , Matúš Chovan, Jenčík

Milan Jančuška, coach of Žilina: “I am more satisfied with the second half of the match. had three goals, two of which were weakened by unnecessary fouls.Perhaps if we were to score a goal earlier, it would be different. I praise the host goalkeeper Hylak, who held the team in decisive moments. In a 0: 3 game against the team as Košice plays hard. “

Miroslav Ihnakak, Coach Coach: ” In the first third we shot good goals after nice combinations. This third decided the match. The home team had been raked up at the end of the duel, but they could not be reversed. “