Koubka to the premiere behind Sparta was missing a victory

He first started behind Sparta and immediately picked up a clean account, but goalkeeper Tomas Koubek was not entirely satisfied with the premiere in the jersey. “

” I’m quite happy about the fact that I kept a clean bill, but unfortunately we did not score a goal. ” > Koubek told reporters after the second league round. “In the end, we had a lot of pressure, it was obvious that the opponents came to power and it is a shame we did not push it there.I think this is the right way because we kept the ball, “he added.

Koubek, who got a chance instead of David Bičík, learned about the start in Teplice last week before the third Predator of the Champions League with Steau Bucharest. “The coach told me I was going to catch, it did not justify and I did not ask. It was before the elimination from the Champions League, so I did not want to find out anything about it, “said the former goalkeeper of Hradec Králové or Liberec. ” I got a chance and we will see how the coach will decide next, “ he added.

While Sparta was ahead of the game, but Tepli players were threatened with quick breaks. “I do not think the opponent is more dangerous.Of course they had great chances, but Sparta was good and he missed a good goal from our side, “said Koubek.

After one of them Roman Potočný crossed the bar and the same player also shot dangerously after a break from “I was afraid, I put three players in the wall and I kind of waited a little that Roman would try through the wall. I was fast and luckily, and I was lucky to do it, “added the official goalkeeper.

Sparta has already scored the third loss in the four opening games of the season. ” We are disappointed. We were out of the Champions League, which was our goal, and it would be easier if it did.But we have to look ahead. We are waiting for Bohemka and then two matches in the front of the European League. I think we’re going to get better, “Koubek said.