Poznar: Point from Vienna is a plus, but we want to be better

Pilsen striker Tomas Poznar had mixed feelings after a draw 0: 0 with Austria’s Vienna. The outside point of the second league of the European League group was considered to be a plus, but on the other hand it was recognized that football players including Victoria could play better.

“A bit of mixed feelings, mainly because we are in some passages a little bit out of the game, even if we were playing them somewhere, sometimes we were complicated, there were cheap losses, they had dangerous standards, but our defense worked well, “Poznar told reporters after Thursday’s game.

In the base line, he joined Marcus Bakos, but none of the visiting invaders was very successful. “In the first half it was bad from us.In the second half we were holding a balloon, there were chances when we could make a profit from it, but we made the end of the game unnecessarily complicated. They had a lot of standards, “said a 28-year-old striker.

” We take a point from outside, but we want to be better. When I evaluate myself, I am sorry for some losses and I have to avoid being more profitable for the team, “Poznar added.

On the course, he played battles with Czech defender Patrizia Stronati, who he took up the first competition of the season. “I know him from Baník, he is a force player. But we can see that he is not yet open, we could have picked him up a couple of times. He had a few such situations when he was afraid to play, but he gave decent performance.We had more defenses to defend the defense, “Poznar said.

Pilsen also tied in the second round and in group E he lost two points to AS Roma and the Vienna team. ” If we were here losing, it would be harder because Austria would rebound a lot. But we have them for points, for us it is a plus point to the table, “said the high forvard.

After August’s arrival from Zlin, Viktori is still studying. ” Let’s say, that the European matches are about something other than I thought. It’s a football of great players, it’s very fast and I get used to it gradually. From the beginning, I had a bit of a problem, then I got into the game more, “Poznar admitted.

” The biggest difference is that you do not have much time.A particularly strong and forceful team like Austria, which immediately challenges you. Stops and midfielders were very strong in the duels, so we felt it, I got a couple of scars, but good, “added Zlínský odchovec.