Tailor is delighted to receive Bologna, although he still does not understand

Ladislav Krejčí has ​​a good start to the season. After a summer break from Sparta, he was caught in Bologna and on Wednesday he made a 3-0 goal in a representative match over Armenia. The 24-year-old footballer is delighted to welcome him in Italy because he was initially afraid of his first engagement outside the club. The tailor believes he will soon become better able to understand Italian.

“So far I have to say that I like it very much, both in life and in soccer, from the beginning it was so hectic. he can not concentrate entirely on football, even if he does.There is a lot of equipment, be it a bank, a home, a telephone…” Krejci told journalists today’s meeting with the representatives.

Bologna has struggled in three contests and scored in a cup , he did not recognize another, apparently regular, at the league, and he also won the praise of the Italian media. “I do not really understand the newspapers, so I do not know what’s going on. But I perceived that the boys took me between them. We have a great part and all the teammates and people in the club have tried to help me from the beginning, “Krejci said.

” We did not have any rituals, This is different from the Czech cabin. The boys immediately accepted us.For me it was the first big experience to join another team because I’ve always been in Sparta, I was not even hosting. It was a big change for me, too, “added a 27-fold representative.

He has not yet been the victim of the famous” shirts of shame, “where not only in Italy are gambling misconduct. “I have not been deceived yet, but it is known that everyone is dressed well. I can only confirm that. Nobody has ever been there yet, but it will come sometime in the winter, because now at 36 degrees it can not be too bad.If you give yourself more layers, you may have some fun about the shoulder strap, “said Spartan’s offspring.

So far, he has spoken more in English. ” I already have the first hints, I order meals and ask about the basic stuff, but it is not yet the conversation with the boys at the table. But I believe it will be soon. After the meeting, we should get our teacher and start working harder, “Krejci said.

The big differences between the Czech and Italian leagues are seen in tactical demands. ” The Italian League is a lot of tactical focused, this is one of the biggest differences. We played against FC Torino (1: 5) and it had four five players with a superior quality.But so far I can not compare it with other teams, it was only the second game, “said a native from Prague, who is most pleased with the Juventus championship.

Wednesday’s duel with Armenia does not overstate and is already looking to the start of the World Cup qualifiers with Northern Ireland on Sunday. “I enjoyed the game very much. We were in a lot of chances, we combined well and they attacked very well. We appreciate victory, but we can not fly in the clouds, because on Sunday a very important match and a strong opponent is waiting for us. But I believe we can do it, “said Krejci.