The head of Zlín will defend the invincibility against Jablonec in the 9th round

The Zlín players in the first league were the only ones to win and the invincibility of the surprising leader of the competition will be defended in the weekend round 9 against Jablonec. The second Mladá Boleslav will be presented at the Dukla, while the third defendant of the title Pilsen will welcome the newcomer from Hradec Králové and the fourth Sparta will go to Brno.

Zlín has lost points only in two draws, on the other hand Jablonec is afraid, six he did not win the rounds and with 15 goals he has won with Pribram and Slovácko the worst defense in the competition.

“The team is currently in the move, we would like to extend our winning route.”Zlín from the first round shows that the way of his game is based on a solid defensive game and he is not going to be able to play the game. rapid counter-attacks. The boys against Boleslav proved that when they play responsibly, they are able to scam the teams that are on the top of the league table, “said Jablonec coach Zdenko Frťal.

The second is Mladá Boleslav, because she did not win any more than five rounds, also won four times. “We want to keep in touch with the league table’s spike, and we need to score in every championship game and win the home game.Against Dukla we can not go with another goal, “said coach Leos Kalvoda.

However, Dukla, who has not played in three matches under the new coach Jaroslav Hynek, has also given the same two after four goals.

Pilsen, who loses just the same point as Mladá Boleslav on the first Zlín, has won a free match with Austria Vienna in the European League, but in the highest competition won four last duels. After the match with Austria, we did not sleep much because we were leaving home early in the morning, “said coach Roman Pivarnik. ” But that’s no excuse.We have to recover the best and prepare for Sunday to match the game with Hradec, and then we will have a representative break to relax. “

However, Hradec thinks of the game in the West of Bohemia points. “He won Zlín, draws Bohemik there, so we will not even go there with a defeating mood,” said coach Bohuslav Pilny. “They will be on the Cup and it is not easy for anybody. They have to switch back to the level of our league, they have shorter preparations, we have to use it, “he added.

About five points Sparta will fight against the Zbrojovka encouraged by a 3: 1 win over Intera Milan in the European league.An unexpected result was led by former assistant and coach David Holoubek, who replaced the appealed Zdeněk Ščasný on Monday and first tested the role of adult coach. , that the game’s upheaval will hold him on the Zbrojovka course. “We are going to win in Brno, and when we show the performance against Inter, I’m not afraid we will not be there,” Holoubek said.

The last Liberec deputy Liberec is waiting for a match in Teplice. Slovan missed the previous round due to the epidemic in cadre and quarantine and on Thursday in the European League defeated 1: 2 PAOK Thessaloniki.Stínadle will see a duel of troubled units because Liberec won only one of the last eight rounds, the last two lost and is just above the descent. The home is similar – they have won only seven games and have lost the last two games.

“Of course we want to improve the situation in the table and we need to win, it is clear. and I’m afraid that some of the PAOK performance will not return temperatures, “said coach Jindřich Trpišovský, who could be the last match with Liberec because Sparta is interested in him.