The series of defeats ended, Levi defeated Nižnekamsk

POPRAD – HC Lev Poprad hockey winners in the quarter-match of the continental ice hockey league on home ice over Neftechimik Nižnekamsk 3: 1 and interrupted a series of seven defeats in a row. “Levi” decided to win the final in 58 minutes after Bartečko and after a certain victory in the abandoned goal of Kristek.

Lemtjugova’s attention to the home goal. He did, however, collect 11 minutes after the shot of Mäntylä from the blue line before him – Milovzorov – 0: 1. The “Levi” could answer three minutes later in the game, but they produced only one shot of the Netik stick.The home side in particular defended and attempted to shatter into the brewers, with their ends the visiting goalkeeper did not have a bigger problem.

A second third came to the home team, which managed to multiply the advantage of one player and in 23 minutes, thanks to Netike, meeting – 1: 1. In the next round, the players from below Tatier did not think only of the defense and the attacks turned on both sides. With their increased movement, they asked for two of them, but they could not make it to the lead. Guests could respond to Pilar’s exclusion, despite the lax combinations of Laca. In 36 minutes, the second assault formation formed the “left” pressure, the Spirka, Hunkesa, and subsequent Mikuša, however, did not find the way for Tarkki’s back.On the other side, Zmakin hockey goal ended, his ending ended with the right hand of Lac’s goal.

At the start of the third game, the team continued to set the pace and both teams tried to break the victory on their side. The guests simplified the game and increased the number of shooting from the blue line. Defenders have been encouraging teammates to attack or run over. As time went on, both opponents repaired the mistakes, but they could not use it. 49 minutes in, Kristek’s Tarkki managed to shrug them off and fired a low shot past the keeper to give his team the lead. Nižnekamsk threatened to fire Polygalova and Skvaša, but the situation did not change. After 58 minutes a well-practiced indirect free kick routine by Netík was easily anticipated by the home side’s keeper.The victory of the Lions confirmed the minute before the end of the shot to the abandoned Kristek goal. Lev Lev Poprad – Neftechimik Nižnekamsk 3: 1 (0: 1, 1: 0, 2) : 0)
Goals: 23. Netík (Pilar, MEZEI), 58. BARTEČKO (Netík), 59. Kristek – 11. Milovzorov (Mäntylä, CIBÁK).They decided: Beljajev, Rogacov – Sadovnikov, Michele (all Russians), exclusion: 1: 4 for 2 min, power play: 1: 0, weakness: 0: 0, 4123 spectators. Lev Poprad: Laco – Pilař, Meza, Sigalet, Mihálik, Hunkes, Strbak, Lewis, Hellström – Netík, Lundberg, Bartečko – Kristek, Mikus, p>

Neftechimik Nižnekamsk: Tarkki – Mäntylä, Mamašev, Koroljov, Berezin, Rybnicky, Kolesnikov, Ščichov – Pestusko, Archipov, Koroljuk – Milovzorov, Cibak, Osala – Sergejev, Kvaša, Knezhev – Lemtjugov , Polygalov, Žmakin

Radim Rulík (coach of Poprad): “After changing the coach, Nižnekamsk plays better, he has a great move, and chances are right. had an opponent’s chance.Thanks to John Lac, we did not score the second goal that played a key role. If we played, it would be very difficult to turn things around. “

Vladimir Golubovic (coach of Nižnekamsk): ” I liked the level of the match we needed to score. We’ve made three mistakes that we’ve collected twice. The lion made us really good. “