The sponsor of the league called for more transparency of the competition

The general partner of the first league wants to strive for greater transparency and fairness of Czech professional football. It seeks to make the League of Football League (LFA) and individual clubs funding and management more transparent, to fight corruption, to create a role for the ambassador of the fans, and to introduce a video in football or microphones for the referee. LFA welcomes the initiative.

“We also decided to support the highest football league because we want to actively contribute to greater transparency and professionalisation of Czech football.We feel responsible for football in the Czech Republic and therefore we have prepared specific proposals which we think will help us, “said Dušan Šenkypl, director of

He called for the establishment of a transparent LFA account and the Bet365 publication of the LFA’s and individual clubs ‘finances, it should be clear how much money the clubs receive from the marketing company STES, what are the revenues from marketing, merchandising and tickets, as well as the expense of players’ salaries, agent commissions or running stadiums. / p>

“Clubs will be able to compare the efficiency of their performance and fans will see real money flows in football.Last but not least, this step removes the currently very biased benchmarking of individual clubs’ budgets when comparing often totally incomparable items, “ is in the statement.

LFA already works at this point. we are currently preparing specific forms and ways of reporting individual clubs that will be discussed at the League Committee.We would like to present a comprehensive outlook to the public during this season, “LFA President Dušan Svoboda said.

Skylop also urges the establishment of a fan ambassador function to communicate with Unibet each of the supporters’ camps and thus contribute to limiting “” We are ready to cooperate in finding a financially viable technology solution, “ said the director with that that it is also for the introduction of microphones for referees and the subsequent publication of their communication.

“The introduction of the video into Czech football is one of our basic strategic goals that we want to implement as soon as possible.We would like to test online mode in friendly matches and offline mode in league matches during this season, “said Svoboda, who is also inclined towards the microphones. ” This is under the responsibility of the FAFA Referee Commission. We support this point and we think it’s a step in the right direction. “

” The goals of football fans, clubs and sponsors are the same. We all want to have the finest and finest competition. Therefore, the points we propose are in line with the LFA objectives. Without Bet365 their fulfillment, it would not be possible to support football for a long time and we believe we will soon see the results of our joint effort, “added Šenkypl.