Václav Kadlec regards Sparta’s draw in Zlín as a loss

The most expensive player in the history of the Czech league, Václav Kadlec, was returning to Sparta for the first time in Zlín today in the list of shooters. With his equalizing goal, he helped a 1: 1 draw and a point gain that he considers to be a loss. “The team like Sparta is supposed to win the match in Zlín. “Kadlec told reporters after returning to Sparta at the start of September in Midtjylland, Denmark. Kadlec just missed the chance at the end of the first half when he walked around after solo and the goalkeeper Dostal. But his shot from the angle pointing to the goal but kicked back defending Matejov. “Unfortunately, I did not give a shot at the missile,” criticized the Spartan striker.It was a pity that we got it after the standard situation at the time of our greatest pressure when we had the game under control, “ > said Kadlec.

After changing the sides he adjusted his head. “I have the joy of the goal scored, I had one last chance at the end, at the last moment somebody was shooting and flying next,” Kadlec drew closer to the moment, which could also make Sparta a full point gain. “We have had enough time to make the match, but we did not push the ball into the Zlin network, maybe the draw is deserved,” admitted Kadlec.

Sparta also had a bad luck, three times hit the bar.For the first time in eight minutes, Lafat’s header bounced off the goal line. “It was not a goal, I saw it from close proximity, we missed a few millimeters,” admitted Kadlec.

Sparta is not at the moment in perfect condition. Draw in Mladá Boleslav, lost to Southampton European League (0: 3) and today only got a point in Zlin.

“This balance is not good, but today we could see improvement in our game. We have to concentrate on every match, no matter which opponent we will play, “Kadlec pointed out the starting point of the current Sparta misery. The first step, according to his words, should be the win in the next round in the derby with Slavi.